About Us

The main objective of the Master's program is to provide the ability to interpret scientific events with a broad and deep perspective and to determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses.

In this context, the Department of Industrial Engineering is able to solve all kinds of problems related to Industrial Engineering from an engineering point of view by providing graduate education at international level, producing and sharing knowledge by renewing itself, adopting scientific and universal values ​​as a principle, and solving the needs within the framework of professional ethical rules. aims to educate graduates who produce research.

The students of the Department of Industrial Engineering graduate programs; Access to information by conducting scientific research in the field of Industrial Engineering, evaluating, interpreting and applying information, developing methods to solve problems and applying innovative methods in solutions, designing complex systems or processes and developing solutions in their designs, designing and implementing theoretical, experimental and modeling based research, and the results of their studies. graduates have the skills of transferring orally and evaluating current developments in national and international environments.

Students are encouraged to use computer and software in the application and projects of all courses in order to educate students about information technologies. For this purpose, computers and professional software in computer laboratories, all connected to the Internet, are available to students.