Public Law With Thesis (Turkish)


The aim of the Izmir University of Economics Public Law Graduate Program, which started accepting students in the 2019/2020 academic year, is to enable students to specialize in the field of public law following their undergraduate law education.

It is among the objectives of the program to learn the scientific research methods, to make research and research in the field of public law, to have in-depth knowledge in the main disciplines within the field of public law, and to prepare the necessary scientific infrastructure through research-examination methods.

Students who graduate from this program will attain scientific competence in identifying problems related to public law and accessing scientific and judicial resources that can illuminate these problems and finding solutions to legal problems with the help of the information available.

The information learned during the law degree program is not sufficient in addressing increasingly complex and widespread legal questions and problems. Numerous current developments concerning public law, the increasing influence of international law; are the reasons that affect the re-examination and evaluation of the legislation. The Master's Program with Thesis offers a student-oriented education that can be shaped according to the student's area of ​​interest with its wide and optional course contents. Students will have the opportunity to have better career opportunities as a result of specialization. Especially for lawyers who work in public office or who want to take part, the effect of Graduate Diploma of Public Law on their career is very important.

Students who successfully complete the program will receive a “Master's Degree” diploma in Public Law Turkish Thesis Master Program from Izmir University of Economics Graduate Education Institute and obtain the title of public law specialist.

The program includes Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, International Public Law, Tax Law. In addition, it is aimed to provide students with an interdisciplinary perspective in their professional life by offering courses on branches of law that require special expertise such as Environmental Law, Public Claims Law, International Tax Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law.