Media and Communication Studies (With Thesis)

About the Department

The media has become an important determinant of the processes of communication we encounter in our daily lives. To understand, to explain and to in times of necessity - manipulate media and these processes of communication requires an interdisciplinary approach encompassing disciplines ranging from political science to psychology.

Today, the speed of change in both communication technologies and our daily-life practices augment the need for professionals, who are specialized in the field of communications, who are critical and who will use their knowledge and capabilities with ethical responsibilities.

In this respect, the aim of the offered masters program is to produce graduates who

  • Acknowledge the importance of freedom of expression in social, political and aesthetic spheres; realize the value of critical thinking and ethical liability in all forms of communication and act accordingly,
  • Have a full grasp of the theoretical background congruent with the field`s interdisciplinary characteristic; possess research and practice oriented problem solving skills; capably transform all these assets into theoretical contributions to the field through their analytical thinking,
  • Can contribute to the emerging approaches and discussions in the subfields of communication such as, radio, television, internet, journalism, public communication, film and video, advertising, public relations,
  • Are knowledged as much about consumption/interpretation processes as production processes of messages produced in different forms of communication; hence, can transform their knowledge into public service through the citizenry responsibility of being media literate,
  • Can closely follow and be pro-active about the changes in communication technologies and their effects on our daily lives,
  • Are equipped with attributes that will enable them to respond to local and international demands with a qualified and responsible understanding of communication.

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