Private Law Graduate Program (Without Thesis)

About Us

Izmir University of Economics Private Law Graduate Degree Program Without Thesis aims to enable students to specialize in the field of private law differently from undergraduate study. Primary goal of the program is to teach students scientific research methods and prepare essential scientific background to make detailed examinations and researches in the field of Private Law. Students who graduate from this program will have the necessary scientific qualifications to identify practical private law issues and find the scientific and legal sources which will shed light on the issue and will reach the the scientific competence to find solutions to the legal problems with the help of the information gained.

Knowledge learned during law undergraduate program is insufficient to provide students required qualifications to solve legal issues due to the latest technological and economical developments. Therefore, re-examination of changing codes is essential in order to catch the era. Graduate Degree Program Without Thesis offers a student based study which students can take elective courses from a broad range list according to their interests. Students will be able to follow recent developments closely and will be able to obtain the possibility of possessing better career opportunities as a result of the specialization.

Students who complete the program successfully will receive a postgraduate diploma from Izmir University of Economics Graduate School in Private Law Graduate Degree Program Without Thesis and will obtain the title of private law expert.

The program includes Departments of Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Private International Law, particularly Commercial Law. In addition, by offering courses related which requires special expertise on the branches of the law like Intellectual Property Law, National and International Transport Law, Consumer Law, Health Law, Sports Law, Environmental Law, Insurance Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, Contract Law, National and International Arbitration Law, to gain an interdisciplinary perspective in  student’s careers.

Prof. Dr. A. Melda SUR

Head of the Department of Private Law