About the Department

Adopting an education vision on universal level and pioneering valuable research in a variety of disciplines such as sustainability issues - one of the most strategic topics among today’s global agenda - IUE has started energy-related interdisciplinary research and studies within the year of 2011. During the same year “Sustainable Energy Division” is founded compatible with the basic institutional values of participation, innovation, social responsibility and perfectionism. The division mainly investigates the developments in the field of energy markets and policies from the viewpoint of social sciences discipline covering environmental, social, political, legal and economic aspects. Different lines of researches allow participants to interact from a multi-disciplinary manner by identifying the key research areas of:

           •           Energy Security

           •           Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis

           •           Energy Supply Modelling

           •           Econometric Analysis and Quantitative Methods

           •           Energy and Environment Law

           •           Energy Logistics

           •           Energy Technologies Management

           •           Financial Issues

Following to the establishment of the “Sustainable Energy Division” branch under the Graduate School of Social Sciences, “M.A. in Sustainable Energy” Program has begun its education in 2012. The program is structured under two following options: “with thesis” and “without thesis”, with a total year of education of 4 semesters and 3 semesters, respectively. The purpose of M.A. in Sustainable Energy is to train the participants for the energy sector, concerning the problems and solutions encountered in the field of sustainable energy development with local, regional and global perspectives. Participants from different disciplines, backgrounds and degrees are directed towards more specific areas through various core and elective courses. Adopting an inter-disciplinary approach, the program emphasizes the social science point of view of the sustainable energy discipline rather than relying only on the technical perspective.

Theoretical courses are supported by the examples of real-life practices as well as the lectures by the experts of their own fields. Engaging in close relationships with both public and private sectors, the lecturers are among the top executives of national and international energy companies such as GDF SUEZ, STEAG-ISKEN and ENERJISA. The most important advantage offered to the students by the Sustainable Energy Master Program is its uniqueness and providing participants with the opportunity of being experts in the field of sustainable energy development and contemporary energy sector. Currently, our program is the first and only “Sustainable Energy” Masters Program in Turkey.

In order to increase the awareness related to sustainable energy and the human factor in the energy system, IUE Sustainable Energy Division has started to organize a series of workshops, starting from 2012. The first event of the workshop series on the theme on "Energy Management and Policies" concerning the optimization of the energy system for the future generations with a considerable participation of leading sector professions and academicians was held in May, 2012.

Signing UN Global Compact (UNGC) on November 2012, IUE has become the first and the only university from Izmir and the Aegean Region of Turkey that has been a part of this agreement. The first successful organization out of this cooperation was held in May, 2013 with the participation and opening speeches of UN Assistant Secretary-General and Coordinator of RIO 20+ Mr. Brice Lalonde. The launch event of the action initiated by Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General, "Sustainable Energy for All (SE4A): The Business Opportunity" has been hosted by IUE together with the second annual workshop series. Additionally, this launch event has been presented as a successful show case in the "UN Global Compact Local Network Report 2013" shared by more than 12.000 member institutions and organizations all over the world.

At the end of 2013, IUE has also ranked as first in the study titled as "UI Greenmetric World University Ranking 2013" among the universities from Turkey with its efforts in the fields of energy and environment. The study details and measures the actions in the main seven areas to measure the level of sustainability in terms of education, energy, climate change, infrastructure, waste management, water usage and transportation.

Last year, in 2014, the third annual workshop organization was held with the special theme on "Security of Supply for Natural Gas Markets". With the support of national governmental institutions and also key partners from private sector, there was a high level of participation.

Following to the workshop series, this year a fourth annual organization on renewable energy will be held on the 15th of May with the collaboration of Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA) and International Solar Energy Society -Turkey Section (GUNDER). Both international and national levels of renewable energy professionals and academicians will be attended to the workshop as invited speakers and will discuss the global prominence of renewables in the sustainable development design and energy policy making within the framework of the current and future situations of renewable energy sources as well as considering a special emphasize on the case of Turkey.

The general profile of the academic staff is compromised of academicians, lecturers and research assistants from a variety of different disciplines with a total number of 8. The head of the Sustainable Energy division and also the coordinator of the master program, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Efe Biresselioğlu together with other full time and part time academicians including researchers is teaching several classes in IUE related to energy security, geopolitics, energy politics, energy logistics, energy modelling and sustainable energy development both in undergraduate and graduate levels. Our division is also specialized in the areas of energy security, energy policy analysis, geopolitics of energy, energy economics, sustainable development, energy law and energy governance and management. We published a number of articles related to energy issues in the leading internationally indexed journals such as Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, Energy & Environment, International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology, Turkish Studies, and Uluslararasi Iliskiler. Besides, the researchers are writing periodical articles in the popular energy sector journals as well as leading newspapers and websites related to the current hot topics on global energy agenda, as well as taking part in the local visual media.

In particular, the main expertise of the Sustainable Energy Division is Policy analysis, energy supply modelling, energy law and regulation, econometric analysis, energy security and energy governance together with the role of energy in sustainable development.