Ph.D. In Design Studies

About Us

Design Studies PhD Program has been established as a continuation of the Design Studies Master’s Program to conduct advanced research on the discourse, theory, methodology and history on design and design related issues and to provide original scientific outcomes covering all design related fields.

The program aims to develop scientific expertise and capabilities in the field of design studies through the use of creative and critical thinking as well as research skills; innovatively contribute to the discipline by new ideas. It is expected that the Design Studies PhD students will be equipped with the skills of comprehending the interaction across various disciplines related to the field of design, reaching at original conclusions via using new and complex analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills. As novice researchers, every student is expected to be able to conduct an individual research study in the field of design, to be able to analyze the problems from a wider and critical point of view, to be able to synthesize and evaluate the findings. Design Studies PhD Program is also aiming to educate specialized academicians who can develop skills of designing and producing unique models and products that will be certificated as registered design, trade mark and patents through scientific research and theoretical knowledge production. Design Studies Master’s Program students conduct their research in a multi-disciplinary/cross-disciplinary way on the fields of studies and key research topics listed below:


Field of Study



  • Architecture
  • Environmental Design



  • Experience Design



  • Visual Communication
  • Graphic Design



  • Fashion Design



  • Fine Arts and Design



  • Industrial Design



  • Interaction Design



  • Interior Architecture/Design



  • Product Design



  • Service Design




Key Research Topics



  • Design Theory and History



  • Design Education and Research



  • Environmental and Behavioral Studies



  • Design Management



  • Materials, Material Science and Design



  • Ergonomics, Anthropometry and Design



  • Biodesign, Biomimetics and Biophilic Design



  • Digital Humanities



  • Design Linguistics, Semantics and Semiotics



  • Sustainability and Ecological Design



  • Creative Industries



  • Housing Studies



  • Place Making



  • Design and Technology



  • Product Service System Design (PSS)



  • Nautical Design



  • Transportation Design



  • Visionary and Futuristic Design Studies



  • Forecasting, Foresight and Design



  • Culinary Arts, Gastronomy and Design



The priority of the program is to be creative in the design field. It is aimed to make further research and acknowledge the innovational updates in all fields of design. That is why the curriculum has many options in elective courses. As soon as their courses, competency/comprehensive exam, and thesis proposal are completed, students start to work on their doctoral theses. Design Studies doctoral program also allows students to accomplish conjunct doctoral studies.

Students have the chance to spend a part of their education abroad within the scope of ERASMUS. The detailed and up-to-date information about the exchange agreements at the graduate level in different fields of design could be provided from the Office of International Affairs.


Prof. Dr. Ö. Osman Demirbaş, Head of the Department of Design Studies
Asst. Prof. Dr. Didem Kan Kılıç, Coordinator of the Department of Design Studies

Ayşın Örs, Secretary of Graduate School
Fulya Alagöz, Educational Affairs Supervisor