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Welcome to the website of
Izmir University of Economics’ Graduate School.

Our target is to improve the world through education with principles of sustainability. The academic members, administrative staff, students and graduates in Izmir University of Economics, Graduate School adopt this approach as a motivating factor. This target always inspires our transparent, consistent and progressive education perception and research.

Established in 2019, Graduate School has a mission based on scientific excellence and student success. Our innovative approach enables the students to improve their skills thanks to the originality of our studies. Furthermore, we reshape the scientific culture of the society in cooperation with our students. Our effort is oriented to encouraging our elite students to become the leaders of future thanks to our world class education system.

In our programs, interdisciplinary research and encouragement for cooperation are prioritized. Our primary purpose is to provide contemporary knowledge for our graduate students, to ensure an environment for career opportunities both in academia and private sector, and to provide opportunity in order to meet the changing demands of the society. As Graduate School, we are pertinaciously loyal to our studies based on enhancing the participation to graduate education. Accordingly, we set a target to create a large scientific community. Our vision is to offer an experience that supports perfectionism in graduate education and student success, and guarantees to adhere to integrity and diversity.

With the unrivalled opportunities, our programs have been designed to make a further scientific research under the guidance of successful academic members. Our graduate students make a vital contribution to the university’s education and research missions. Our different approach stems from a progressive perspective, and a mentality based on critical analysis and practice.

Therefore, our motto is “Managing the Next Generation”.

We appreciate your support and interest, and we invite you to our Graduate School in order to discover an intellectual and cultural life-style.

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