Master of Business Administration - Distance Learning (e-MBA) (Turkish)

Distance MBA Programs

Master of Business Administration Distance Learning (e-MBA) is a special program designated for those who want to integrate further education into their professional and personal life, while they maintain work-family life balance at the very same time. 

In our e-MBA program, all virtual classes are conducted live, providing the students with high interactivity similar to a physical class.

The technological infrastructure of the r-MBA program allows you to:

  • Interact with your faculty and fellow classmates by sharing screens
  • Writing in comments and questions in real-time
  • Participate in the discussion by conference call
  • Share and analyze content as a group, allowing for a richer discussion when your class meets together.

The program aims to develop professionals with better problem solving and creative thinking skills, establish an integrated understanding of relationship building and teamwork, and raise leaders of the future who can initiate change. 

E-MBA program is not an "open education" program.  The only difference between an e-MBA and a regular MBA is that e-MBA classes are held in virtual classrooms rather than physical classrooms. The program has an organic structure which is renewed every semester on the dynamics of student-faculty-course interaction, and does not apply a mechanic approach of "pre-recorded videos and standard texts". In this context, the students are expected to regularly attend online classes, as well as to establish and maintain a studying program every semester. These expectations are also reflected in our policy to provide our students with the same diplomas which are given to regular MBA students after they complete the requirements of the program.  


The medium of instruction for e-MBA programs is either Turkish or English. Both programs are non-thesis. 

The curriculum includes the functions of Business Administration, i.e. Accounting and Finance, Management and Organization, Operations Management and Marketing, along with a term project.

Physical Presence

Students are not required to be physically present on campus during classes. In accordance with national regulations, some examinations may require a physical presence, about which our students are informed. 

Virtual classes start at 7 pm on weekdays and are recorded, allowing our students to asynchronously follow missed classes. 


Students, who successfully complete the program, qualify for “Master of Business Administration Distance Learning (E-MBA) Non-Thesis” graduate diploma based on the decision by the Council of Higher Education dated 5 April 2017.



Graduate School

Asst. Prof. Zeynep ERTEKİN