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Graduate Programs in Nursing is an interdisciplinary program and the main objective is to contribute to the training of the knowledgeable, equipped and competent manpower our country needs in this field. Students can study in graduate programs in the fields of Surgical Nursing.




Admission Requirements for Master's Programs

  1. 1 Letter of Referance
  2. 1 Letter of Intent
  3. Meeting the requirements shown in the table below
  4. Graduate Programs require candidates to have a bachelor's degree in Faculty of Nursing / School of Nursing / Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department / School of Health Nursing Department / School of Health Sciences Nursing Department
Nursing Language Thesis ALES GMAT GRE English Proficiency
Surgical Nursing Turkish Thesis 55 (EA)

Turkish Master's Programs do not require English Proficiency as a prerequisite for admission.

The period of study is 4 semesters for Master's Programs(Thesis), while the maximum period of study is 6 semesters.




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